Daylily Pigments

The following is from the disertation of K. Bisset, 196. Spectrophotometry, Chromatography and Genetics of Hemerocallis Pigments, Institute of Molecular Biophysics, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida 32306

I have included pictures where found (If anyone knows sources for others, please let me know

Column 2: Anthocyanin cyanidin (c) or delphinidin (d)

Column 3: d /c = percentage of delphinidin / cyanidin ( - means 100%, except in Burning Delight where there are no anthocyanins)

c / d = percentage of cyanidin / delphinidin

Purple Cultivars

Cultivar Anthoc. d / c Hybridizer and description Photo
Cajun Caprice d - WIESE, 1970, purple self with chartreuse throat  
Phoenician Wealth d - MUNSON-R.W., purple blend  
Crawleycrow d - Lambert, 1967,  cordovan red w black pile w yell gr thr
Dawn Delight d - PITTARD,1967, pinkish purple self with soft yellow throat
Marsh Pixie d - YANCEY-Harrison, 1971, purple with deep bluish purple eyezone and green throat  
Shadyside d,c 90 /10 LAMBERT, 1969, red purple self with apricot throat.
Chicago Royal d,c 90 / 10
Marsh, 1970, Purple w/deeper eye, green throat, fragrant,
Age of Chivalry d,c 85 / 15 LAMBERT, 1971, deep purple with slightly darker eyezone and green throat  
Purple Bounty d,c 75 / 25 Pittard 1962purple self with green throat  
King of Glory d,c 75 / 25 MACMILLAN, 1969, deep lavender self with green throat
Prophet d,c 70 / 30 CLAAR, 1963, true purple with gold throat  
Raspberry Swirl d,c 65 / 35 Klehm, 1993???, raspberry bitone with cream edges
Quiet Stars d,c 60 / 40 MCFARLAND, 1966, deep black red self with bright green throat  
Purple Robe d,c 50 / 50 MAXWELL-T., 1970, purple self with green throat
Raspberry Frills c   WILLIAMSON, 1964, raspberry with deeper eyezone and a yellow throat.

Red Cultivars

Cultivar Anthoc c / d Hybridizer and description  
Lake Carmine c - KASHA, 1978?, clear carmine self with deep yellow throat  
Lake Crimson c - Name not registered  
Battle Hymn c - LAMBERT, 1964, deep cherry red self with olive green throat  
Dixieland Band c - Fleishel, 1969, Red, white midribs  
Red Sceptre c - PARRY, 1969, crimson self with green throat  
Blazing Beauty c - CLAAR-PARRY, 1965, ruby red self with yellow throat  
Liberty c,d 85 /15 CLAAR-PARRY, 1965, crimson red self with green gold throat  
Brave World c,d 85 /15 Wild, 1967, Rose red w/ tangerine throat
Tovarich c,d 80 /20 Munson, R, Dark red/green throat
Britannia c,d 80 /20 Claar-Parry, 1964, red self  
War Eagle c,d 80 /20 HALL-D, 1955, dark red self

Orange Cultivars

Cultivar Anthoc. c / d Hybridizer and description  
Burning Daylight - - Fischer-H.A., 1957, glowing orange self
Skiatook Cardinal c - HANCOCK, 1960, red with darker shaded eyezone and green at base of throat
Tijuana c - Wild (1967/1968) Rose-orange, gracefully ruffled petals  
Fire Cup c - PRIDE, 1963, brilliant red self with green throat  
Plantation Embers c - Tanner (1967), Strong Red-Orange, Green throat  
Bright Spangles c,d 60 / 40 Baker 1956, Bright gold-dusted red. Vigorous & showy.